Legal Services

In planning for you or your families’ future,  Attorney Vinson understands that each family is unique and has its own challenges and peculiarities that should not be ignored in the estate planning process. In his practice, Attorney Vinson handles:

  • Wills – a legal document that allows you to control the disposition of your assets after death, allows you to determine who will administer your estate and if you are survived by minor children, to designate who would be appointed as the legal guardian for your minor children.
  • Living Trusts – a legal document by which you transfer assets during your lifetime to a person who becomes the “legal” owner who is then obligated to hold, administer and distribute the trust assets according to your written instructions expressed in the trust and according to law.  You can serve as your own trustee, and designate the person or persons to serve as trustee upon your resignation, incapacity or death.
  • Estate Planning – the consideration and use of one or more legal means to accommodate the particular needs and goals of the client in planning for the ultimate distribution of his or her accumulated assets after death.
  • Probate of Estates – the court-supervised process for identifying, gathering and protecting the assets of a deceased person (“decedent”), paying the decedent’s debts, and distributing the decedent’s assets to the beneficiaries of the estate.   “Ancillary Administration” is the legal probate process to pass title of Florida property owned by a nonresident decedent.
  • Trust Administration – involves the investing, protecting and distributing the assets in a trust in accordance with the expressed instructions of the person who established the trust (“grantor”) and in accordance with the Florida Trust Code.
  • Lifetime Planning for Incapacity – you can act now to express your wishes by several different legal documents know as “advance directives” so your family members and health care providers will be able to abide by your desires even if you become unable to communicate with them in the future.  A Durable Power of Attorney is a legal document that may help a person avoid the need for legal guardianship proceedings.

With over thirty years of experience, Attorney Vinson has earned the trust of his clients and their surviving family members, through his competence and dedication to his professional responsibilities.