Older Floridians Handbook – a good online resource

The Older Floridians Handbook is a reference source and guide for older Floridians. It contains useful legal and program information on topics of special interest to persons over sixty years of age, but by no means is it limited in value only to older adults. Persons of all ages should find the Handbook informative and helpful.

The material provided is based on the laws and practices of the State of Florida and its agencies, and in some cases, the laws and practices of the federal government. The Handbook cannot answer every question, nor can it replace the advice and counsel of an attorney when needed. Rather, it provides information of a general nature and answers to some of the more common questions asked by older Floridians.

You should be aware that the Handbook describes laws and programs that may change from time to time.  Consequently, dollar amounts and other details may change, usually on a yearly basis — particularly, figures used to determine eligibility for various programs and the amounts of benefits the programs provide.

The Older Floridians Handbook is available from the Senior Resource Alliance web site:  http://www.seniorresourcealliance.org/information/older-floridians-handbook/